Diamond Rouge Affinity
Diamond Rouge Affinity
Diamond Rouge Affinity1

Diamond Rouge Affinity

Original price was: ₹3,000.00.Current price is: ₹1,999.00.

Be dazzled with the Diamond Rouge Affinity set! This glass jewellery features a white sparkling stone and red/green stones studded on diamond coloured metal chain. It also has an incredibly elegant jhumka which includes a diamond-coloured ring followed by the dome of the jhumka, with a hanging red/green glass stone in one half for added awesomeness. Complete your look with this stunning set that comes along with its matching forehead jewel – perfect for any special occasion. Order yours today and be sure to sparkle like the star you are!


 Timeless Elegance Redefined

Step into sophistication with the Mayukhi Collection’s masterpiece, the “Diamond Rouge Affinity” set. This exquisite ensemble is a captivating symphony of red and green glass stones meticulously embedded on a diamond-coloured metal chain. The jhumka, with its diamond-coloured ring and dome, exudes glamour, complemented by a dangling red ruby glass stone. Each piece is a testament to enduring beauty and refined style.

Explore the Mayukhi Collection here to witness the allure of the “Diamond Rouge Affinity” set.

Unveil Versatile Glamour: The Perfect Ensemble

Indulge in timeless glamour as the red and green variations harmonize effortlessly in this perfect ensemble. The jhumka’s captivating design, coupled with a matching forehead jewel featuring a striking red glass stone, ensures you make a statement at any event. This collection captures sophistication, transforming every moment into a captivating celebration of your unique allure.

Discover more from the Mayukhi Collection on our Pinterest page and be inspired by the versatile glamour.

Luxury Redefined: Your Signature Look

“Diamond Rouge Affinity” from the Mayukhi Collection is not just jewellery; it’s a signature of your refined taste. The diamond-coloured metal chain, paired with vivid red and green glass stones, creates an alluring play of colours that effortlessly complements your style. Embrace luxury redefined and adorn yourself with a piece that not only captures attention but also reflects your unparalleled sense of fashion.

Shop the “Diamond Rouge Affinity” set now and redefine your signature look with the Mayukhi Collection’s luxurious elegance.

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The timeless elegance and vibrant charm of red and green stones on a dazzling diamond chain truly redefine sophistication. This captivating ensemble seamlessly combines opulence and grace, making it the perfect choice.


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