Lakshmi Kamalhar

Lakshmi Kamalhar


The Lakshmi Kamalhar is a stunning piece of jewellery that pays homage to the Goddess Lakshmi and her abundant blessings. The pendant features the goddess seated on a lotus and is seamlessly integrated with a chain inspired by the golden tiger’s nail. This jewellery is more than just an accessory; it represents a sacred connection and a symbol of devotion and heritage. The matching jhumka adds a touch of traditional elegance to the set. The Lakshmi Kamalhar is a timeless piece that can bring divine blessings and prosperity into your life. Wear it with pride and grace to honour your traditions and faith.


Goddess of Abundance

Step into the realm of divine elegance with the “Lakshmi Kamalhar” temple necklace. This exquisite piece pays homage to the Goddess of Abundance, Lakshmi, who graces the pendant, seated atop a radiant lotus. The pendant seamlessly melds with the golden tiger’s nail-inspired chain, creating a visual masterpiece that invokes the blessings of prosperity and spiritual grace.

A Sacred Connection

Adorning yourself with the “Lakshmi Kamalhar” is more than wearing jewellery; it’s a sacred connection to the divine. The intricate design captures the essence of a temple’s sanctity, where every detail is thoughtfully crafted. The matching jhumka completes the ensemble, adding an aura of traditional grace that carries the divine presence wherever you go.

Timeless Beauty and Devotion

Embrace the timeless beauty of tradition with the “Lakshmi Kamalhar.” This temple necklace is not just an ornament but a reflection of devotion and culture. It is a statement of your unwavering faith in the goddess and a symbol of the prosperity and grace she bestows. Wearing it is an act of reverence, a connection to your heritage, and an embodiment of divinity.

Welcome the divine blessings into your life with the “Lakshmi Kamalhar” and adorn yourself with timeless elegance and spiritual significance. It’s more than jewellery; it’s an expression of faith and devotion.

Review Overview

Spiritual Elegance! The Lakshmi Kamalhar is a captivating work of art that evokes the grace of Goddess Lakshmi. The pendant's ornate design and the complementary jhumka are a reflection of cultural traditions and heritage. It's not just a piece of jewelry, but a conduit to the divine, a symbol of faith, and a representation of prosperity. This timeless tribute is sure to leave a lasting impression.



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