RatnaRasa Pendant Necklace
RatnaRasa Pendant Necklace

RatnaRasa Pendant Necklace

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Enhance your look with RatnaRasa’s beautiful pendant necklace featuring a semi-sphere design of an outer circle filled with intricate details and a stunning green heart stone at the centre, all finished off in a high-quality gold covering.


Rediscover Tradition with RatnaRasa Pendant Necklace

Step into the regal world of timeless beauty with our RatnaRasa Pendant Necklace. This exquisite piece seamlessly weaves tradition and style, featuring a medium-sized circular pendant that forms a captivating semi-sphere. The outer circle boasts intricate designs, reminiscent of cultural heritage, while the central green heartstone adds a touch of elegance. Crafted with a supreme quality gold finish, this necklace is a symbol of opulence and sophistication, promising to adorn you with the grace of tradition and the allure of modern style.

A Symphony of Heritage and Style

The RatnaRasa Necklace is more than just jewellery; it’s a celebration of heritage and style. The pendant, carefully designed with a blend of cultural intricacies, radiates a regal charm. The green heart stone, symbolizing vitality and prosperity, is a focal point of this piece. Hung on a beautiful chain with minimal beads, the necklace complements any attire, making it a versatile addition to your collection. Elevate your style by acquiring this exclusive piece from the Mayukhi Collection and embrace the richness of tradition with a touch of contemporary allure.

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Indulge in luxury by bringing home the RatnaRasa Pendant Necklace from the Mayukhi Collection. Our commitment to supreme quality is reflected in every detail of this stunning necklace. Elevate your style and browse more exquisite designs on our shop page. For the latest trends, exclusive releases, and styling inspiration, follow the Mayukhi Collection on Pinterest. Your journey to timeless elegance begins here.

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Customers adore the RatnaRasa Pendant Necklace from the Mayukhi Collection for its timeless charm and elegance. The intricate designs and vibrant green heartstone make it a favourite. The top-quality gold finish adds opulence to any look, and its versatility is a crowd-pleaser.



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