Ruby Choker Ensemble
Ruby Choker Ensemble

Ruby Choker Ensemble

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Elevate your style with our captivating double-layered floral chain necklace, showcasing a brilliant red center stone, complemented by delicate hanging beads. Complete your look with the stunning matching golden earpiece adorned with stones. Embrace sophistication and turn heads with this must-have jewelry set, perfect for any occasion.


Radiant Ruby Choker Ensemble

Introducing our exquisite “Radiant Ruby Choker Ensemble,” a mesmerizing double-layered floral chain necklace that exudes timeless charm. This captivating piece features a stunning red sparkling stone at its centre, creating a focal point that radiates elegance.

Elegance Worn with Confidence

Crafted to perfection, this choker set adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit. The dual layers of the necklace create an enchanting look, while the red gem at the centre sparkles with confidence. The matching earpiece complements the ensemble beautifully, completing your elegant look.

Experience Timeless Beauty

The “Radiant Ruby Choker ” is more than just jewellery; it’s a statement of grace and charm. Make it yours today and experience the timeless beauty it brings to your style. For more inspiration, visit our Pinterest page, and don’t miss the chance to explore our full collection at Mayukhi Collection’s shop page.

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This jewellery set is amazing! The necklace with the red centre stone and hanging beads is so elegant, and the matching golden earpiece is stunning



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